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Disney Side Contest on Vine: Dia de los Muertos Nails

Disney Parks launched its official Vine account on October 1 and announced a month-long contest on the bite-size video sharing social media platform. The challenge: show your Disney side.

In an attempt to get Mickey Mouse approved and win a prize, I submitted an entry.

Here is my video:

Currently, the Disneyland Resort is decked out in a Halloween theme. If you’ve visited the Magic Kingdom in the last couple of years during this season, you might of come across a Dia de los Muertos exhibit near New Orleans Square.

Check out this photo I took of it at the park last year and posted on Instagram:


Instagram: @sigbrigett

I’m itching to go back to the park ASAP. In the meantime, my manicure will have to fill the void. . . Can you find the hidden Mickey’s?


A Disney version of a Dia de los Muertos inspired manicure for the Disney Side Contest on Vine.

Will you be submitting an entry to the Disney Side Contest? 

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Pink Nails for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s time to go pink.

October is breast cancer awareness month and what easier way to show your support than with some nail art? Even Beyoncé is joining the cause.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Carter took to Instagram to raise awareness for breast cancer and show her philanthropic side by painting her nails pink. Queen B is supporting Nails Inc and its effort to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Care campaign, UK’s largest breast cancer charity, by using the brand’s signature “Pinkie Pink” polish.

In commemoration with the cause, I executed my own pink nails.


A soft pink gradient with a glittery pink ribbon accent for breast cancer awareness month. Instagram: @nailartbysig

Check out a video I made on Vine showing how I created the look. You may notice my failed attempt to bust out Vine magic. It’s a working progress.

Will you go pink for breast cancer awareness month? Let me know by tagging @nailartbysig on Instagram!

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Sensation Ocean of White Inspired Nails

My nail art might just help me visit New York for the first time.

For the last few months I have eagerly waited for this weekend to arrive. On Saturday night, I will be a guest of Sensation’s “The Ocean of White” event in San Francisco. The production company from Amsterdam is touring the U.S. for the first time.

Sensation took to Vine to promote a contest challenging fans to share a creative video that included music or dancing to win a trip to their party in New York.

On Friday the 13th, I decided to try my luck.

I went ahead and recorded a time lapse video of a manicure inspired by the event’s all white theme and added their logo as an accent. This is my video entry.

The video got revined by Sensation’s official Vine account! I think that means they liked my entry, right? The winner of the contest hasn’t been selected. Please send me good vibes!


Sensation USA is hosting a contest. I think this is a sign they liked my entry.

Here is the final nail art design.


I am ready to dive into the Ocean of White in Oakland!

Let’s see what happens! I will make sure to update in case of any news.

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Nail Art How To: Dripping Paint

While out with a couple of girlfriends at a local wine bar on Thursday night, my inner artist met my inner wino during a Paint Nite event- a beautiful combination of art lessons and alcohol.

A blank canvas, some paint and two glasses of sangria later, I recreated a version of what the art teacher described as, “Colorful Birds on a Wire.”


The masterpiece I created at a Paint Nite event inspired a manicure.

Naturally, I got inspired to recreate the painting on my nails.


Recreate this dripping paint manicure in five easy steps.

While at the event, I learned a new technique called dripping paint. I put my new found knowledge to work.

Here’s how to execute a dripping paint manicure.

1. Prep the nails with a base coat. Apply two coats of white polish.

2. When the nails are dry, use a dotting tool to apply blots of blue polish around the nail bed. With a bit of polish on the dotting tool, drag some of the lacquer down to the nail tip for the dripping effect. Repeat this step with a color palette of your choice.

3. When the polishes are dry, use a thin brush to draw a black line across the tip of the nail to draw the wire.

4. To draw an owl, use a dotting tool with a small sphere and black polish to create an oval (the body) and a circle (the head) on top of on the black line. Draw an upside down arch line on the top of the circle to make the owl’s feathers.

5. Let the design completely dry and apply a top coat.

Take a look at this six-second tutorial to see how I layered the different colored polishes and got the dripping paint effect.

What do you think about the dripping paint effect? Let me know if you try this look!

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Steve Aoki Nail Art

If you follow Steve Aoki on Vine, then on Monday, you too were bombarded with bite-size loops of his single, “Boneless.” The beat is still stuck in my head.

The EDM giant took to the six-second video sharing platform to connect with his fans.

He revined dozens of posts with the hashtag #steveaoki. I decided to try my luck and join in on the fun.

My approach was to get his attention with a Steve Aoki inspired manicure.

The manicure is a sunset gradient with a white accent nail. On the index and ring finger, I painted a palm tree. The idea came from his album cover. I painted the superstar DJ’s signature logo on the accent nail with the white polish.

Here’s hoping the face of Dim Mak sees and maybe even revines my Aokified nail art!


Hundreds of people on Vine tried to get Steve Aoki’s attention. This was my approach.