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Steve Aoki Nail Art

If you follow Steve Aoki on Vine, then on Monday, you too were bombarded with bite-size loops of his single, “Boneless.” The beat is still stuck in my head.

The EDM giant took to the six-second video sharing platform to connect with his fans.

He revined dozens of posts with the hashtag #steveaoki. I decided to try my luck and join in on the fun.

My approach was to get his attention with a Steve Aoki inspired manicure.

The manicure is a sunset gradient with a white accent nail. On the index and ring finger, I painted a palm tree. The idea came from his album cover. I painted the superstar DJ’s signature logo on the accent nail with the white polish.

Here’s hoping the face of Dim Mak sees and maybe even revines my Aokified nail art!


Hundreds of people on Vine tried to get Steve Aoki’s attention. This was my approach.


2 thoughts on “Steve Aoki Nail Art

    • Sigourney B. Nuñez says:

      Thank you!
      Unfortunately, I didn’t get revined. But I did get some love from other Viners. Maybe next time.

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