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Art Deco Nails Tutorial

Be retro and bold in a manicure filled with geometric shapes and strong colors.


Be bold in an art deco manicure that’s easy to execute with two techniques.

To execute this art deco manicure, you’ll need to mix two techniques: brushing and dotting. You’ll also need three different colored polishes of your choice.

Let’s get to work.

1. Prep the nails with a base coast. Once dry, apply two coats of a polish of your choice. I chose white polish as the background color in the manicure pictured above.

2. Using a thin brush or the side tip of your polish brush, apply one vertical line on the left side of the nail bed above the vertical half-way mark. You can mix and match the polishes as I did the manicure shown above.

3. Draw on two more vertical stripes one shorter than the previous one so that it looks like your phone’s reception bars.

4. Apply dots of the opposite polish color using a dotting tool.

5. Let the design completely dry and finish off with a top coat.

Check out this six-second tutorial and find out why mixing techniques creates a great manicure.

Let me know if you try out this design. Good luck!


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