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Super Mario Bros. Nails Tutorial

On Wednesday, Nintendo announced a new gaming system, the Nintendo 2DS- that’s definitely not a typo.

The new “entry-level handheld” plays 3D games in 2D and will reportedly be available in October.

In honor of the news brought to us by the video games giant, I was inspired to create Super Mario Bros. manicure.


Nintendo announces a new entry-level handheld and I create a manicure inspired by the news.

If you’ve ever delved into the world of Mario, then you’ve certainly come across many of his friends . . . and enemies.

Let’s go level by level in this Super Mario Bros nails tutorial. Here we go!

What you will need: Light blue polish, red polish, green polish, blue polish, purple polish, light pink polish, black polish, yellow polish, white polish and a thin brush.

1. Prep the nail with a base coat. Apply two coats of light blue polish on the thumb. Apply two coats of red polish on the index finger. Apply two coats of light pink polish on the middle finger. Apply two coats of green polish on the ring finger. Apply two coats of white polish on the pinky.

2. Once dry, use a thin brush and yellow polish to outline and paint the star on the thumb. Outline the star with black polish after the yellow polish completely dries.

3. Using the thin side of the white polish brush, paint half a circle on the tip of the index finger nail to create a mushroom. Paint one medium-sized circle in the center top and two half circles on the each side. Use a thin brush and black polish to draw two lines for eyes on the bottom half-circle. Repeat this step on the ring finger.

4. Paint the bottom half of the middle finger nail with a dark pink polish. Use the thin brush and white polish, paint a french-tip. Use the thin brush and blue paint to draw a blue oval for Princess Peach’s blue gem. Outline the gem with a thin brush and yellow polish once the blue polish is dry.

5. Use the thin side of the purple polish to paint colored spots found on Yoshi eggs.

6. Let the design completely dry and finish off with a top coat.

Press start to play this six-second tutorial and find out how this 2D design came to be.

Let me know if you try this look! 


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