About Me


My name is Sigourney Nuñez. I am a former newspaper journalist turned nail art blogger.

In 2011, I earned a B.A. in journalism from California State University, Northridge. Since then, I traveled across the country and reported stories in major cities including, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville and Bend, Ore.  My work has been featured in the Huffington Post Black Voices, LA Daily News, Ventura County Star, Telemundo and La Opinión.

While the news world has led to incredible experiences, my inner artist was lacking fulfillment. I’ve always had a knack for painting, crafting and drawing, but they weren’t the right medium. That’s when I discovered nail art.

Nail art grants me access to express myself on an endless canvas at the tip of my fingers, literally. Though it may sound silly, lacquering my nails also boosts my self-esteem. Nothing wrong with a girl feeling cute, right?

This blog was created with hope that you too may feel a sense of happiness, confidence and freedom to express yourself.

Welcome to BySig.com, a place where you can discover inspiring creations.

Oh, and did I mention my extensive collection of owl necklaces?

2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Sigourney B. Nuñez says:

      I seriously just had that idea last night! Will have to follow through. Thanks for the great suggestion, Christina!

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