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Minnie Mouse Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

If you’re a Disney fan like me, a Minnie Mouse inspired manicure is a must.


Three polishes, one dotting tool and a whole lot of fun make up this easy-to-do mani.

Here’s a how to execute a Disney inspired mani in under four steps.

1. Prep the nail with a base coat. Apply two coats of white polish on the ring finger (where Mickey will go). Polish the other nails with two coats of pink polish.

2. When the nails are dry, use a dotting tool to apply the polkadots Minnie loves to wear using a white polish on the pink polished nails. Make sure to space out the dots evenly.

3. Use a dotting tool with the biggest sphere and black polish to apply three dots in the shape of Mickey’s head on the tip of the nail bed.

4. Let the design completely dry and finish off with a top coat.

Check out this six-second tutorial:

Best of luck, be creative and don’t forget to have fun!


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