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Pokemon Nail Art

With the recent release of Pokemon on Netflix, many 90s kids are reliving their childhood as they follow Ash Ketchum on his adventure to be the greatest Pokemon master. I proudly admit I can bust out the entire Pokerap, no problem.

To continue my walk down memory lane, I created two manicures inspired by one of my favorite cartoons.

1. Ash wants to “Catch them all,” but I will stick these cuties. Bonus points to those of you that remembers the Squirtle Squad.


2. Grass, fire, water and electric, the core energy type of Pokemon will forever be the best.


Here’s a Vine video showing a time lapse of the making of the Pokemon energy  symbols manicure. 

Are you a fan of Pokemon? Share in the comments below!

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5 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

While Valentine’s Day is meant to appreciate and acknowledge loved ones, the holiday is also an opportunity to love yourself a little bit more.

Here are five manicure ideas that will show off your inner confidence and big heart:

1. Perfectly pink digits with a negative space design that says you’re ready to try something new.


2. Two hearts paired with metallic polish for the hopeless romantic with an edge.


3. Plain white nails to embrace a blank slate filled with possibilities of love.


4. A classic crimson base manicure with a plaid design for the bold lover.


5. Glitzy nails for the Valentine that wants to show off her sweet side.


What do you think of these Valentine’s Day designs? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 New Year’s Eve Manicure Ideas

This year I found creative expression. I will remember 2013 as the year I discovered nail art.

Though I’m little late in the game, I don’t care. I am up to something I am passionate about and I am not going to stop learning and growing any time soon. In fact, by this time next year I will be a licensed nail tech (stay tuned to find more about that in a future post).

To celebrate the discovery I am sharing with you four of my favorite nail art trends of the year. Here are four gorgeous manicures you can rock on New Year’s Eve to summon fabulous vibes for 2014:

1. Glamorous oxblood  nails paired with a gold and black glitter accent to ring in the new year in style. I’m wearing OPI Visions of Love and Wonderous Star from the Mariah Carey mini holiday set.


2. A twist on the tip of a black prism manicure to show you’re ready to take on new challenges and let the light in 2014. I’m wearing Liquid Leather and Prism by China Glaze.


3. Show off a sequin-filled negative space mani thats reminds others to keep their eye on you in the coming months. I’m wearing Maybelline Express Finish Denim Dash with gold glitter pieces.


4. Up the ante at the stroke of midnight with a tape design your future self will thank you for. I’m wearing Blanc by Essie, Mirror Mirror by Orly and All Sparkly and Gold by OPI form the Mariah Carey holiday set.


How will you remember 2013? Let me know in the comments below. 

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4 Winter Worthy Nail Polish Colors

Get in the spirit of the holidays and coat on some polish you can show off all season long.

Here are four winter worthy nail polish colors:

1. Gray nails for a midnight glow for your next holiday party.

I’m using Mirror Mirror by Orly with a coat of Snow Globe by Sally Hansen on the accent nail.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

2. A deep purple hue with a sparkly gold accent for a bit of elegance and mystery on New Years Eve.

Here’s a swatch of  Under Your Spell by Wet n Wild with Wonderous Start by OPI on the party finger.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

3. A shimmery version of the classic crimson when you’re feeling bold.

This is a swatch of Chancer by Butter London.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

4. Winter navy blue with a bit of shimmering snow for a cold night out.

I’m wearing Midnight Cami by Essie with a coat of All Sparkly and Gold by OPI on the accent nail.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

What do you think of these manicures? Let me know in the comments below!