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5 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

While Valentine’s Day is meant to appreciate and acknowledge loved ones, the holiday is also an opportunity to love yourself a little bit more.

Here are five manicure ideas that will show off your inner confidence and big heart:

1. Perfectly pink digits with a negative space design that says you’re ready to try something new.


2. Two hearts paired with metallic polish for the hopeless romantic with an edge.


3. Plain white nails to embrace a blank slate filled with possibilities of love.


4. A classic crimson base manicure with a plaid design for the bold lover.


5. Glitzy nails for the Valentine that wants to show off her sweet side.


What do you think of these Valentine’s Day designs? Let me know in the comments below!


11 thoughts on “5 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

    • Sigourney B. Nuñez says:

      Hi! Great question- I cut out a heart using tape, apply it on the nail and paint over it. I used tweezers to remove it then I defined the outline using a thin brush and black polish. I hope that helps!

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