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Negative Space Nail Art Tutorial Using Scotch Tape

If you’re in the mood to unwind with some nail art, I’ve got the mani for you! Read below and find out how you can execute a deep red wine negative space design.

Supplies: Base coat, deep red wine polish, hex glitter polish, top coat, scissors, Scotch tape, dotting pen (or toothpick) and tweezers.

You’re just six steps away from an intoxicating look.

1. Cut out ten small triangles using tape and scissors. The pieces should be small enough to create a negative space around it.


2. Prep the nail with your favorite base coat. I used Essie’s protein base polish ($8.50). Once the polish is completely dry and hardened, use the tweezers to place the triangles on your nails. Have fun with the placement!


3. Apply the deep red polish (I used Essie’s Bordeaux, $8.50) around the triangle to fill in the negative space. Quickly peal off the tape and be careful not to smudge the polish.


4. Place a blot of glitter polish on paper and use the dotting pen to pick up and apply sequins. I used Pure Ice’s Dazzle Me ($9.95).


5. Place the sequins on the nail to outline the triangle.


6.Once the entire design is completely dry, finish off with a top coat. I used Ocean Nail Supply’s My Quick Dry Nail Lacquer.


What do you think of this design? Let me know in the comments below!


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