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Inside Shine and Sheen’s Urban Safari Kit

Trending brand alert! Shine and Sheen’s nail art kits are here and are packed with nail essentials every polish lover should have.

Offered in four different styles, the nail art kits ($30) come with three polishes and a top coat, two striper polishes, nail art tools like a file, cuticle stick or dotting pen, a nail art wheel and an array of nail decals. Not to mention, each package comes with an extensive how-to guide loaded with major nailspiration!

Here’s a look inside Shine and Sheen’s Urban Safari kit and bonus summer-ready looks you can execute with the products.

Kick off your summer on a wild side with these tribal nail stickers.


Check out this video and find out how to easily apply the decals.

Add a pop of color to an animal print mani for a bold statement.


If you’re in the mood to play, you can mix and match the goodies found inside the kit for a abstract and chic look.


What do you think of the Safari Kit? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Jamberry Nails Review

After recently playing with Nailed Kit’s water slide nail art decals and Essie’s nail appliques, my love for vinyl nail stickers has definitely grown. So when Jill, a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, sent me over a sample of their nail wraps I got psyched and they didn’t disappoint.

Initially I was impressed with Jamberry Nails intricate and varied designs. I received six decals and chose to try them on as an accent.


The application process called for a unique step after a routine nail cleaning and cuticle push. The nail wrap requires heat to soften the adhesive before you stick it on. I pointed my blow dryer on the wrap and used it on a low heat setting for about 5 seconds. It worked.


I placed the wrap on my ring finger while it was still warm. I found it best to make sure the placement fit before pressing on the wrap to seal it on because the glue got pretty sticky. I used a rubber cuticle pusher to flatten out any bubbles that formed.


I folded the leftover sticker and filed it off in a downward motion to get the right fit. While the included directions do not mention to seal the sticker with a top coat, I recommend applying a layer of it if you intend on wearing the wraps for a few days.

jamberry-nails-review-1This is a sample of Reminisce ($15). I paired it with Marc Jacobs’ 128 Nirvana ($18).


This is Poised Plaid ($15). I paired it with Essie’s Blanc ($8.50).


This is Wisteria ($15). I paired it with Marc Jacobs’ 122 Ultraviolet ($18).


What do you think of Jamberry Nails? Let me know in the comments below!