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Marvel’s Venom Inspired Nail Art

Where do you find inspiration? Is it something you feel or be?

Before I paint my nails, I think about people that influence me through their generosity and creativity. For this manicure, my brother came to mind.

He is one of the most artistic human beings I know. I posted a photo of a drawing he made on my personal Instagram about a year ago. He inspired me then and he inspires me now.


This photo does not do the drawing justice by any means.

One of my older brother’s favorite characters of all time is Marvel’s Venom. I let the poison take over me and created this nail art.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

Here is a time lapse video of the making of the Venom manicure. You can find more footage on my Vine.

Happy Halloween!

What do you think of this look? 



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6 Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Happy Halloween! Are you dressing up for a Monster Mash?

If you’re in need of a holiday themed manicure to rock this All Hallow’s Eve, try these on for size.

1. This cute vampire manicure will make your wounds ooze and flesh crawl.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

2. This werewolf manicure will keep you howling at the moon.


Instagram, @nailartbysig.

Bonus progression video of the werewolf manicure. Find more on my Vine.

3.  Stand out in the pumpkin patch with this themed manicure.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

4. If you’re going to walk down the yellow brick road in a Dorothy costume this Halloween, match it with this manicure.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

Bonus video of the making of the Dorothy manicure.

5. This is a manicure even the Pumpkin King will notice. Any “Nightmare Before Christmas” fans out there?


Instagram, @nailartbysig

6. Bats and pumpkins galore in this easy to do manicure.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

What do you think of these looks? Show me your Halloween nail art by tagging me on Instagram @nailartbysig!