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Prismatic Nails of the Day

As a huge fan of Katy Perry, I’ve recently obsessed over prisms and prismatic visuals particularly in manicures. So when I got these tiny nail art accessories that reflect amazing color and shine, I was stoked.


I’ve done some research and have been unable to find the exact name of the nail art accessory. From here on out, they will be referred to as prismatic plastic pieces.

Here’s are two prismatic manicures I think Katy Perry would approve:

1. This purple dream machine lets the light in.

I used Marc Jacobs 122 Ultraviolet ($18) a base and created a gradient with Wet ‘n Wild On a Trip ($6), then added pieces of the prismatic plastic over it. On the accent nails I used Prism by China Glaze ($6) as a base and placed dots of Ultraviolet over it using a dotting pen.


2. A bit of mystery and reflection.

I used Essie’s Dive Bar and placed prismatic pieces over it. On the accent nail I used Marc Jacobs Stone Jungle 146 ($18) as a base, applied stripes using a black striper brush and added a thin coat of Sally Hansen’s Mermaid’s Tale ($7).


What do you think of these looks? Let me know in the comments below!

Beauty, DIY, Fashion, Marc Jacobs, Nail Art, Nail Art Tutorial, Nail Polish Swatch, Nails, Nails How To

Ultraviolet by Marc Jacobs Nail Polish Swatch

Marc Jacobs 122 Ultraviolet ($18)  nail lacquer is the collection’s violet purple. The color is a super posh purple that is bright when it needs to be and is subtle in indoor lighting.  I truly feel royal in this manicure.

This is the third Marc Jacobs polish I try. After familiarizing myself with the creamy formula, I can’t emphasize enough that steady application, as well as waiting for each coat to completely dry are essential. Especially if you want to get the sleek and high shine finish the bottle promises. The great news is, the polish has a pretty quick dry time.


I applied a very thin layer for the initial coat. At first swipe the polish gives off more of the red undertone and looks like a shade of magenta.


After a second coat, the blue hue is prevalent which reflects the color you see on the bottle.


I’ve tried two other Marc Jacobs nail polishes and this was the first color that needed three coats to get the desired opacity. Keep scrolling down to see the other two Marc Jacobs nail polish swatches.

Here is what a third coat of Ultraviolet looks like.


The polish has an ultra shine formula that wouldn’t require a top coat. To smooth off the entire design though, I added a thin layer of it.


This is the third installment of a ten-part series of Marc Jacobs nail lacquer swatches. Stay tuned for more.

What do you think of Ultraviolet? Let me know in the comments below!