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Prismatic Nail Art

Lately, I’ve been relating to Katy Perry’s latest album, Prism. Her power anthems radiate positivity and I am letting the light in.

I celebrated my 24th birthday in November. I definitely wanted to shine. So I figured the occassion called for a prismatic mani.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

I was particularly proud of the execution on both hands. They looked equally solid.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

This manicure definitely got some attention. That day, I out-shined my own candles.

Here is a video of the entire manicure.

What do you think of this look? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Swatch of the Week: Butter London’s Union Black Jack

Every time I wear this polish, I swear I feel like a total badass. Butter London’s “Union Black Jack” is truly patent leather in a bottle!

After the initial few swipes of polish, I had a qualm about the formula’s opacity. Two coats later, I ended up with a deep ebony shade that I fell in love with. If you’re looking for a rich and dark black nail polish, this is it.

Wearing a completely black manicure, though very edgy, felt a little out of my personality. So naturally, I brought out the glitter.  After adding some sequins to the accent, I was totally rocking a gothic-mermaid look and loved it.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

What do you think of the Butter London beauty? Let me know in the comments below!

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Nail Art How To: Glitter Manicure

If you’re in the mood to get crafty, I’ve got the perfect project for you.


Sprinkle on the pixie dust to add some texture and glamour to your digits.

Textured manicures are trending this Fall season. But if you still haven’t been convinced of the look, try out this design to get a similar effect using typical arts and craft glitter.

What you will need: Loose glitter dust, red polish, clear polish, base and top coat, some q-tips and nail polish remover.

1. Prep the nail with the base coat. Apply two coats of red polish to the entire nail.

2. Once dry, dab on some clear polish to the top of the nail bed without getting too close to the nail matrix. Sprinkle on the glitter dust while the clear polish is still wet. Shake off any excess glitter and clean up around the nail using a q-tip dipped in polish remover.

3. Let the design completely dry and finish off with a top coat.

Check out this video and find out how glitter really does make everything better.

Let me know if you try this look by tagging #nailartbysig in your photo. Good luck!