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4 Professional Nail Ideas for a Job Interview

Updating your resume and picking out the perfect outfit for a big professional event helps set you up for a successful experience. Prepping your nails can also be a part of your routine. If you’re thinking about the details on your fingertips, I’ve got you covered.

Before executing a manicure suitable for a professional setting try to keep in mind that you want the attention to be on you and not your nails.

Here are four job interview-ready manicures:

1. Nude Nails. Opt for a nude base manicure during a networking opportunity for a clean-cut and polished look.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

2. Simple Chevron. A chic and bold chevron manicure moved tip-ward can showcase your professionalism and hint at your creative side.


3. Traditional French Tip. Executing a classic French tip manicure before a career-related event means you’re ready for business.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

4. Matte Nails. A matte french tip manicure with neutral colors shows off your trend-setting qualities while framing you as the go-getter you truly are.


Instagram, @nailartbysig

Don’t forget to wear your manicure with confidence! How are you going to prep your nails for your important event? 


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