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Nail Art Hack: The Dotting Tool

No dotting tool? No problem!

Turns out you don’t really need a nail art pen to add contrast and designs to your manicure.


Easily add design to your manicure using items around the house.

Here’s a nail art hack: You can replace a dotting pen with toothpick or a bobby pin.

What you’ll need: Base coat, pink polish, green polish, light green polish, top coat, a piece of foil, a q-tip, a toothpick or bobby pin.

1. Prep the nail with a base coat. Apply two coats of pink polish on the entire nail.

2. Take a light green polish and put a blot of lacquer on a piece of foil. Dab some of the polish on the end of a q-tip and apply dots to the nails.

3. Put another blot of green polish to the foil and use the ball point end of a bobby pin, or a toothpick with the end broken off, to apply dots over the light green polish dots.

4. Let the design completely dry and finish off with a top coat.

Check out this six-second tutorial and find out for yourself how easy this manicure can be executed.

Let me know if you try this design! What colors did you go with?


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