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Sigourney in Latina Magazine, Winner of Latina Style Wars

It started with a comment. Latina Magazine informed me via Instagram on Friday that I had been selected as this week’s Latina Style Wars winner. The contest? Show off fall-inspired manicures. They really digged my negative space digits.

It got better from there. Moments after doing a crazy happy dance around my apartment, I realized the real prize was getting featured by the publication.


They wrote a little blurb about what they thought of my manicure:

“This week’s winner is nail art enthusiast Sigourney (nailartbysig on Instagram) who flaunted some cutting edge nails. Sigourney chose to play around with the concept of negative space in this design and we love it! It’s a great example of unique and innovative nail art. She picked a fabulous, eye-catching color palette for this design. We’re thinking about trying to replicate this look ourselves!” 

If you too are digging this design, scroll down a little further and find out just how easy it is to execute this edgy negative space manicure.


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