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Breaking Bad Inspired Nails

Breaking Bad inspires me.

My obsession with the epic AMC series and commitment to express my love and appreciation for the cast and crew, has taken my nail art skills to another level.

Please enjoy my series of Breaking Bad inspired nail art:

-To my other favorite, W.W., It’s an honor watching you. Fondly, S.N.


Instagram: @nailartbysig

-Goodbye Los Pollos Hermanos, hello Vamonos Pest!


Instagram: @nailartbysig

-Ain’t it beautiful crystal blue persuasion? 


Instagram: @nailartbysig

-From parking tickets to mass murder. Better call, Saul! Because he cares. 


Instagram: @nailartbysig

-Remember his name. 


Instagram: @nailartbysig

-The first lab, the Crystal Ship. 


Instagram: @nailartbysig

-All hail the king.


Instagram: @nailartbysig

-The end is here.


Instagram: @nailartbysig

I also attempted to make some progression videos to show how I got to the final design. Take a look.

What do you think about my Breaking Bad inspired manicures?


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